There’s no place like home

By Ashley Schock, ASID, HDI
Holistic Interior Designer

As a kid, every Christmas I looked forward to curling up with my bowl of popcorn to watch my favorite classic movie, “The Wizard of Oz.” I was mesmerized by this magical story of a young girl who was, quite literally, swept away into a land of wonder, fantasy and lovable, (sometimes scary) characters. Peeking though my blanket, the twist and turns of Dorothy’s journey kept my heart racing, and then with the click of those beautiful ruby slippers, there was relief knowing that all along, she was safe asleep, muttering those iconic words “There’s no place like home.”

Until then, I had never experienced a movie that moved me to feel something deep. Beyond the lavish screenplays and captivating music, I knew there was a profound message, but once I turned off the TV, I went on my way to being a kid, after all it was Christmas time! It was only after I grew up, had a house and kids of my own that it hit me… no matter how far I traveled or where I went, there was something heartwarming about coming home.

To me, a home serves a function for our everyday lives, it’s a place to hold, not just our stuff but our hearts as well. It’s what keeps us feeling safe, organized and prepared for life and most of all, it nurtures and nourishes our minds, bodies and spirit. The emotional and physical connection we have to our homes is what creates lasting feelings and memories, good or bad.

As life happens, sometimes we get swept up in a tornado, causing us to feel upside down and thrown off balance. It’s completely normal to feel sad, scared, frustrated, overwhelmed or stressed. Our homes can however, be that place that grounds us from the storms of life, making us feel whole again.

And the good news is, you already have everything it takes to find your way back home.

Think about what makes you feel good, function well and gives you a sense of happiness. By assessing your space, identifying your needs and writing out your feelings, you will understand what you really want or need. Sometimes it’s getting rid of “emotional clutter” or stuff that no longer serves you or reminds you of a negative experience. Or often we have too much “physical clutter”, which makes you feel overwhelmed and blocked. By deciding to prioritize, purge and organize your things, you will feel better, have more energy and be more focused.

I know we don’t have ruby slippers or a magical wand to make everything instantly better. Being patient with yourself, taking small steps to better your space, will eventually lead you down your own yellow brick road. So that one day, when you open the door, you too will say, “There’s no place like home!”

Written by Ashley Schock, ASID, HDI Holistic Interior Designer

I’m an interior designer and founder of Simply Beautiful Living. I believe that a beautiful home isn’t just about the stuff, it’s about the “feeling” and connection we have to our space, our loved ones, and ourselves.



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