Simply Beautiful Living helps you create a deeply personal and harmonious aesthetic for your space based not on the latest trends or hottest new product collections, but on your own needs, budget, style, and connection to your space.


To a create an organized, efficient system that supports your needs and optimizes the flow of your space. One that prioritizes time management, waste reduction and comfort. 


    To create a beautiful, desirable space that visually stimulates and nourishes your senses. To find your true essence, reflecting your personality through decor, artwork and furnishings.  


      To create a welcoming, loving atmosphere that captures the feeling of warmth and belonging. A space that supports you through the constant changes and cycles of life. 

        Holistic Interior Design.

        The healing art of creating a home you love.

        Your “outer home” is a reflection of your “inner home.” By improving the energy, functionality and wellness of your home, you’ll improve your mood, behaviors and actions as well.  Bringing balance between these “two homes” will create a joyful, loving and harmonious environment, one that will take you from living to…THRIVING!

        Here are a few questions to ask yourself….

        • How does your home feel when you walk in the door? 
        • Do you feel connected to your space? 
        • Does your home function well and support your needs? 
        • If you had to pick 3 descriptive words to describe your home, what would they be?

        here’s how we can
        work together

        We’ll start with a free 30 minute Zoom call to discuss your challenges, project needs and personal goals. We’ll discuss how we can work together to create a beautiful home that excites, supports and nourishes you!

        One Hour Virtual design consultation 

        This virtual consultation is best suited if you have a specific area, need or challenge. We’ll explore your home together using photographs, Zoom or a video tour. This is also a great option if you want a quick refresh or looking to revitalize your space, using your existing furnishings and decor. Depending on your project size and needs, you can also select from our weekly or monthly packages. 

          Two Hour In-Person Design Consultation

          This design consultation starts with us having an in-depth conversation, discussing what’s going on in your mind, body and spirit. By discovering your emotional, physical, functional and environmental needs, we can be intentional about your design style and solutions. *Travel fees may apply depending on location.

            Here’s What to Expect

            • We’ll discuss your personal goals, lifestyle, needs, challenges and intentions. 
            • We’ll walk through your home, looking at not just your furniture and decor, but the flow and energy of your space. Feng Shui, Color Theory and Zen based principles are included. 
            • We’ll focus on problem areas, identify the issues and specific design suggestions will be made.  
            • We’ll create a holistic home health checklist, evaluation and assessment, which can include: 
              • Determining a furniture layout plan that optimizes the flow of your space
              • Discussing paint colors, materials, finishes that connect you with the needs of your space
              • Suggesting artwork, furnishings or decor that fosters beauty and cohesion. 
              • Creating effective decluttering and wellness solutions that promote health and wellbeing 
              • Offering simple, holistic tips to enhance your senses and dwelling experience (ie. aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, Biophilia, ergonomics). 

            The result? 

            A beautiful, authentic and welcoming home that you can feel good about, one that hits the perfect balance between curated and comfortable — a space that fosters relaxation and rejuvenation. 

            A home that welcomes you like a best friend! 
            Sounds good? Click below to get started!

            “We were so impressed with the difference we saw.”

            “We first heard about Ashley from friends who were in the process of selling their home. We were so impressed with the difference we saw and how much more vibrant the house had become, with a few small changes.

            When we decided to sell my parents home, we thought of Ashley and asked for her help. Her ideas made all the difference in selling the house in a down market. My West Seattle home was built in 1927 and was very ornate which required decorating to complement it. Ashley was able to combine our antique furnishings along with purchasing items at a reasonable price that accented the beauty of the house. The finishing touches like flowers, dishes, pillows and books gave the appearance that the home was being lived in, rather than staged. Thanks to Ashley’s talents the house was sold within two months while staying within our budget.” –Ken and Re Lynn G. – West Seattle