What is Holistic Interior Design?

By Ashley Schock, ASID, HDI
Holistic Interior Designer

So what is Holistic Interior Design?

I think it’s safe to say that the most common cocktail party question is “Oh, so what do YOU do for a living?” A few years ago, without a blink of an eye, I’d respond with “I’m an Interior Designer” and the bubbly response would be “Wow, that’s so cool, I just love HGTV!” Then shortly after, the conversation would pick right back up with a pleasant, personal testimony of a recent remodel or the unfortunate horror story of a project “gone bad”.

But now, when people ask me what I do and I respond with “I’m a HOLISTIC interior designer ” there’s usually a slight pause, a polite smile and one raised eyebrow. 9 times out of 10 the question is repeated again, ”Ohhh…hmmm, ok, so wait, what does the word HOLISTIC mean?”

And this is where it gets fun.

I get to rip my heart open to explain what I do. I love sharing what it means to design a home that fills you from the inside out. One that greets you like a best friend, picks you up and dusts you off when you’ve had a bad day. A home that makes you feel celebrated even though it’s not your birthday.

It’s not a cookie-cutter approach to the latest and hottest design trends. But it’s about creating a space that focuses on YOU, tells your personal story, regardless of how much money you have, where you live or where you are in life. It not only showcases the places and things you love but it also supports and brings out the healthiest, happiest version of you!

And how do I do this, you ask? I start with using connection as my compass.

Being a Holistic interior designer isn’t just about the aesthetic and technical needs of a space. It’s about taking a step back, diving deeper, asking questions and really listening. The focus is about “whole body” wellness, addressing your physical, emotional, and environmental needs while uncovering what resonates and aligns within you.

I like to think of holistic designing as if you are the musician and your home is the instrument. I’m the conductor there to help you “tune-up” so you can live happily and harmoniously in your space.

To me, there’s beautiful balance between simplicity, authenticity, sustainability, and function. It’s a wonderful feeling when I create a space that supports these principles and brings out your highest and best self. I know for a fact that amazing things happen when you discover, connect and design a place that makes your heart sing!

So next time, if you’re ever at a party and someone should happen to ask you about holistic design, you can smile and say, “ I know exactly what that means, it’s designing from the heart!”

Until next time, smile and make every day… simply beautiful!


Written by Ashley Schock, ASID, HDI Holistic Interior Designer

I’m an interior designer and founder of Simply Beautiful Living. I believe that a beautiful home isn’t just about the stuff, it’s about the “feeling” and connection we have to our space, our loved ones, and ourselves.



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